Thursday, October 28, 2010

Romantic Comedy Critique

Our romantic comedy was based on the known theme of nerd in love with pretty girl. This idea really just came to us at random, and we built of off it. To really get an idea of what a romantic comedy is, I watched films like "Meet the Parents" and "John Tucker must die".  The basic story line is this nerd sees this really pretty girl walk into class, and is really just amazed about her. The next day, he decides to go and meet her and try to talk to her. However, it doesn't go well, and she leaves him to weep to himself.

The directing part of the film was really just simple. We went with most of our script up until it began to get difficult. We had trouble continuing off of our first part because of how and where to continue off of it. For example, before the "Next Day" part (part 2), we didn't have the idea of it yet. It took us another week to think of something decent, which in the end came out great. Ricky, our main character, did an excellent job playing his role as the nerd. It was as if he was naturally good at this, and the way he acted it all out was exactly the way we wanted it.

For the editing part of the project, we aimed for simplicity. We wanted to make sure the film seem "well put together." When putting all the shots together, it seem to flow naturally, with minimal edits. The edits we made were match action shots throughout most of the film. We also added in some good close ups, panning, medium shots, etc. We didn't really aim for any effects because we thought that it would mess up the whole story, so we kept it original and cool.

The sound part of the film was also pretty simple. In the beginning, we aimed to find a suttle, yet peace song to bring out the situation. It was a another boring day in class, and the music went perfectly with it. In the second part, where he gets ready for his plan, we placed in a pump song, then a "Run Forest Run " song to make it comical but also explaining what's going on.  On the last part, we added a love song along with the most famous one, "Baby Come Back." These two songs really did establish what I was aiming for in the film, and really just did everything that words couldn't replace.

The cinematography part of the film was a little hard. Actually thinking of what shots to come up to make up the film took time. We didn't want to added a lot of complicated shots, but we didn't want to limit them. So we decided to make a lot of simple pan and match action shots to make it really easy. The lighting part was also a challenge too. Some of our shots came out somewhat darkish a lot, so we did a lot of re shoots to get some good lighting. The first shot was the most we had a lot of trouble with because it was always dark. As for the rest of the shots, the lighting was good enough to look presentable.

The production design of the film was also simple. We had no specific wardrobe for our actors except for our main character with his glasses that set him up as the  nerd. For the girl, we just needed her to act really hot, which she performed really well. The actors we chose was really out of random, but they played their role so well that it was amazing. The setting and location was sorta different from the original script, but with the recent changes, it all came together well and organized.

My Romantic Comedy
Sherman, the average high school nerd, wants to ask Monique to the school dance, who he’s liked since elementary school, but faces some problems along the way, and leads up to his dramatic downfall.