Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sound Project Peer Review

1) What is the INTENT of the scene? (what is the scene used for dramatically)
The intent of the film is to show the audience what the character can't see but what the audience can see. This creates suspense and really gets the audience attached.

2) What are the PLOT POINTS? (points that move the story forward)
 The main character is doing his homework on another average day. All of a sudden, he hears a noise downstairs and the horror begins.

3) What is the CLIMAX of each scene? (what is the turning point)
The main character meets the creature and is in horrified. 

4) What is the RESOLUTION? (how is the theme resolved)
 The creature caught the main character and the film ends.

5) What is the CONCLUSION? (how does the scene end)
When the main character wipes his eyes, he loses sight of the creature. He then finds the creature behind him and the creature gets him.

6) What are the important LINES OF DIALOGUE? (contain story points)
The main character hears something downstairs. He sees something moving and eventually meets the creature. He tries running away from the creature, but eventually gets caught.

7) Which character CONTROLS the scene? (who pushes the story forward)
When the creature is found, the intensity of the film increases, and the main character is put in a life or death situation.

8) What suggestions do you have to improve the narrative?
We could have a better runaway scene. The main character could be running to other places and every time he tries, the creature is always near by. Another suggestion could be that the creature keeps eluding the main character, which creates more suspense, and when he does find it, the story ends.