Thursday, December 16, 2010

Short Documentary Blog Post_Firsthand

Firsthand is a great documentary that really captured the beauty and excitement of dirt biking. Not only that, it also showed what life is like in it, and how intense the sport can really get. The shots along with the interviews contributed the excellency of the film.

During the interview, there were good shots of b-roll that showed exactly what the guys were talking about. There were some still shots that captured some of the amazing dirt bike moves and some that got into the action that showed the talent of these guys. Not only that, the fast pace of the shots added to the intensity of the film.

The editing of the film was also spectacular. The shots were perfectly cut to parts that really showed the fluity and the beauty. Some shots really got good sounds of the action that really sounded like you were there. Also, when someone was interviewd, the b-roll was placed in perfectly and cut to specific parts that related to what the person was talking about.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hurt Locker Analysis

1. The Hurt Locker was a great film altogether. The feeling I had after watching this was purely amazing. The way the shots were put together and the execution of the film was purely amazing. The location of the film made it seem so realistic  that it felt like I was there.

2. The location of the film took place in Iraq. The director made the film seem very realistic by combining the realism of war with the emotion of it too. Compared to other movies, this movie actually shows what its like to be in war and the dangers that accompanies it. Not only that, the situations that the soldiers are in contributes to its realism.

3. The setting of the film took place in areas of Iraq that were considered dangerous. The actors did an amazing job of performing the difficult task of acting what its like to be in war and how it affects you personally. The visual style was superb because it made the film seem so realistic and feel like it was actually happening.

4. The camera work was very good. It got into the action with the actors, and was always on them to emphasize its realism. The camera angles were designed to show not only the actors, but to show there location and what was happening around them. The lighting usually was good because the soldiers were in bright areas that such as the desert and there base camp.

5. The style of the film was either fast or slow pace. When the solders got into action or knew there was trouble, the camera shots were intense and fast. When things were slow pace, usually it was when the bomb diffusing took place or when the soldiers were home.

6. The motif of terror and sheer pain was illustrated constantly. When the soldiers had to go through parts where it was life or death, usually there were so scared but had to do what had to be done. Sheer pain was when they saw dead people they knew well die right in front of there eyes.

7. The script of the film was also superb. The uses of every possible emotions (except happiness) was displayed. Sometimes the soldiers were funny, mad, sad, etc. These emotions played a good role in the development of the film.

8. The film was able to establish action/adventure because there was constant action and the soldiers were always going to different places. The constant warfare and going to all these locations to contain peace also establishes this genre.

9. Overall, the film was a big success in camera work and in acting. The way it was put together was very good, and the acting played a big contribution to its success. The film really did open my eyes to how shots are transittioned and the difficulty of creating it.