Monday, November 22, 2010

Document Pre-Production

Purpose: See what life I'd like for Faiva Afeaki as a deputy sheriff and a basketball coach.

Contacts: Faiva Afeaki, John Ababseh, Luke Gray, Zafir Khan.

Interview Questions: What's it like to be a sheriff and a basketball coach?
How does being a sheriff affect you?
What does being a basketball coach mean to you?
Is there a message you're trying to send to other people?
What do you think about Faiva Afeaki?

General Flow: Beginning- Introduction to who Faiva Afeaki is and what he does. (Background)
Middle- Go through the first four interview questions.
Ending- Use the last interview question.

Short List: Waist shot of Faiva and the others sitting down answering the questions and explaining other material. B-Roll for Faiva's background. Actual footage to support what he and the others are talking about throughout the interview.

Script: Currently, there is no available script.

1 comment:

  1. Great idea, but maybe there could be some more interviews with officers who work with Faiva and interviews with the team she coaches