Thursday, September 30, 2010

Romantic/Comedy Treatment

An average day in class. People sleeping, texting, and just day dreaming. And then there's me.

The smartest kid in high school. Writing down everything the teacher is saying, organizing all my A+ papers,  adjusting my over-sized glasses...the usual.

And then she walks in...

Flowing curly hair, golden eyes, perfect body, the whole package really.

As she gives a note to the teacher, she looks at me and winks at me.

Even when the bell rang, I was still in utter shock.

I decide to work up my courage and ask her out to the school dance. I decide to walk up to her table and ask her out point blank.

As I'm walking towards her table, I get a thought of something.

She says yes, she gives me a kiss, and becomes my girlfriend.

Every possible good emotion engulfs me, and I walk to her table with great confidence.

Just a few feet from her table, the school jock beats me to her and asks her out to the dance. He looks at me and gives that smile as if he's won.

Just before she's about to say her answer, I let out all my feelings about her; everything from how I liked her since 1st grade, how helping her with homework was the best time in my life, etc.

This catches her off guard and now she's actually thinking

Then she looks at me and says "I pick you."

Then I wake up.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Amelie Film Analysis

In these shots, there is a sense of depth where both talents are sitting at a diagnol angle, and when both talents are walking down the stairs, which is called depth of field.

In both of these shots, I feel that the director is trying to use a sense of depth to add more style to the film. Both shots are both tinted, have a dark sense to it, and both contribute to the sullen tone to the movie.

In this shot, Amelie has a flash forward of what she thinks is going to happen, and would go under the editing section.

I thinks the director's intent was to show how a flash forward should look like, and to just show some editing skills. I also think it was to prove Amelie has some special ability where she can see in the future. Amelie's flash forward affects her motives in find her lover.

In this close up of Amelie, Amelie gives a facial expression that well exemplifies her acting skills, and what is currently happening to her.

I think the intention of this shot was to show Amelie's acting skills of how to show true emotion, and to also make the viewers believe that she is really shocked. Amelie is shocked to find her old friend is actually encouraging her to step up to the plate and tell her lover that she loves him.

In this shot, the old man is highlighted in this yellowish-orange color that means that either the sun or something is coming down.

I think the intention of this shot was to show a visual effect to the talent that exemplifies both editing and color enhancing skills. As you can, the old man doesn't really seem like he's real anymore, and that possibly he's just been edited.