Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blog: Genre Study Chart

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic

Typical Plots: Characters are forced to survive the new elements that affect their chances of survival. These characters have to do whatever is necessary to ensure that they survive. This road to survival is extremely hard as the new environment they are placed in will change their lives forever.

Typical Situations: Characters are faced with abominations of nature. The world they live in is no longer the same and not only is that a problem, but resources are now extremely limited. With family and friends gone as well, anything left that is precious to you is literally all that is going for you.

Typical Characters: Usually male characters are present in these type of films as they are more likely to survive these new bound elements. Women may be present, but rarely are they usually the main characters of the film.

Typical Body Language: The characters are usually somewhat vicious as their want to survive in life. This new environment contributes to this type of person as they usually are more focused on surviving and ensuring that they don't fall victim to everyone else's fate.

Typical Dress: Characters usually have worn out, faded clothes. This is usually because their is a very limited amount of supplies, which means whatever is available is available. These clothes would usually be used very often as it may be the only source of clothing.

Genre: Stoner Comedies

Typical Plots: Characters usually face one problem: not enough drugs. Drugs add on to the comedic tone of the movie, as the characters venture on a journey to enjoying life. Life however, is not that enjoyable, as their is always some kind of conflict in the way of it.

Typical Situations: Characters usually face some sort of conflict; usually there is someone that they owe for the drugs or are constantly being harassed by this person. The only way out of this conflict is to literally fight them off while being stoned.

Typical Characters: Characters are usually always acting stupid and inappropriate in many situations. They will usually do whatever seems necessary in ensuring that the audience gets a good laugh. 

Typical Body Language: Character is usually sluggish and wants to just be lazy. This is mainly due to the fact that these drugs affect their senses and the way they act. This adds onto the comedic tone of the film.

Typical Dress: Goofy, sloppy looking characters. They dress like how they literally portray their character like. This adds on to how they will be presumed as, and gives the audience the sense that this person is just a complete idiot.

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