Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sample Oral Assessment

Sample Oral #1
This presentation offers a detailed analysis in the movie Frankenstein that includes background information of the movie, details of the cast, reference to film terms, its editing techniques, etc. Although the student seems to drag on with the presentation in simply applying his understanding of the summary in his presentation, it provides key analysis into how it applies to the directors intent in the film along with a better understanding to what is being depicted. Throughout the presentation, the student hits mainly all the key points while offering additional information on them. The examiner believed that the "sociocultural context of the film" was limited in analysis, however, it does seem to cover what is to be expected. 22 out of 25 marks seems to be fair for this student, but the student should have receive at most 24 marks due to the fact the all the points were discussed with adequate understanding of the topic with very little limitations on some topics.

Sample Oral #3
This presentation, by far, shows the best understanding of their film and all other concepts associated, thus giving it one of the highest marks. The student exceptionally depicts the film's summary with in detail analysis, the camera techniques along with it's movements, editing styles, music, directors intent, etc. Although the students spends about the minimum time on each topic, their is an exceptional amount of detailed analysis that gives a clear understanding of the topic along with a good transition from topic to topic. Also, the student provides clear use of film terms that add to the student's knowledge of the film of its aspects. Unlike other orals, the sociocultural context of the film is clear explained with good reference to the film which gave it the marks it deserved. 23 out of 25 marks is well deserving of the oral because every aspect of what was to be expected was covered to the highest degree, with some lack in a specific topic that didn't really affect the student's overall marks grade.

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