Monday, February 13, 2012

Oral Research Part 1- Genre and Audience

The Graduate (1967) is an American comedy/drama directed by Mike Nichols.  It is based on the 1963 novel The Graduate by Charles Webb, who wrote it shortly after graduating from Williams College. The film was produced by Joseph E. Levine & Lawrence Turman, cinematography by Robert Surtees, and edited by Sam O'Steen. In 1967, Bonnie and Clyde (1967) was an American crime film directed by Arthur Penn was also created in the same time as The Graduate and shares similar themes: romantic complications affect the outcome of a certain individuals life. Nichols created this movie to be the first in its time to display works of "one's desire to find true love through any obstacle" along with a story line that exhibits its unique display of formalism. The Graduate took place in a time of social-rebellion, as time of war and rest began to take its toll on people. The common theme shown in this film is that both the younger and older generation have different perspectives and do not understand each other; Mrs. Robinson represents this older generation while Benjamin represents the new generation. Since colleges were being created in this era of time, these students avoided participating in war by attending these colleges, thus making them the target audience of the film. 

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