Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Part 2 - Historical and Instituitional Factors/Socio-Cultural context

II. Historical and Institutional Factors

Institutional factors that may be important to the film is the producer Nick Wechsler, who also produced The Time Traveler's Wife. Their film production was distributed by Dimension Film and The Weinstein Company, who has agreed to acquire a 25% stake in Starz Media. This was essential to the film because it won the Utah Film Critics Association award for Best Cinematography, and San Diego Film Critics Society Award for best actor.

The Road is the story of a father and son witnessing the apocalypse. Unlike many end-of-the-world films, there is no explanation for what happens and no hope for the survival of human life. The last people on Earth that are alive have nothing to look forward too other than the inevitable: death.

III.  Socio-cultural context

The Road was really able to open many people's eyes of what can happen to us. It made people really frightened because this movie is an example of what Earth would be like if we continue to do what we do. Not only did this movie frighten people, but this really did set the fact of what a disaster or war could do to the Earth and impact it so severely.

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