Thursday, February 17, 2011

Textual Analysis/Oral Exam Part 3

Part III

IV. Narrative
The Road was told throughout a short period of time.It shows the father and son trying to survive this post-apocalyptic disaster in most of the film with some flashbacks to the the father with his wife. With the flashbacks to the fathers previous life, it gives a sense of sadness because the father was such a happy man with his wife, and now that's she's gone, he only has one person left in his life: his precious son. At some points of the movie, there are parts that express horror and suspense that add on to the film's genre. The Road really makes us attached to the father and son, especially the son. The father would do anything to keep his son out of harms way, which includes death, and this really makes viewers understand his intentions. With his son, we see him as this innocent little child who shouldn't experience what he has experienced, and this makes us really feel sympathy for him.

V. Film Language and Representation
The father and son are represented as basically the last people on Earth. They are wearing dirty, worn out cloths and their usually always covered in dirt. Their acting contributes to this because they act desperate as in they are always looking for food and water that is very scarce. Many of the shots capture the father and son being seen as the last people left on Earth and survivors of this epidemic.

The style of editing gives the film a unique feature. In some of the shots, such as when the father and son were running away from the hunters, they are quick and fast pace. The lighting is also very well because it really makes the environment which they are living in look really desolate.

The sound and music is also very well because it matches well with the situations the father and son are put in. The location was perfect because it really does display an post-apocalyptic world. For some of the special techniques, Hillcoat used hollow tress that were designed to fall down when triggered during the scene when the father and son were running away from the hunters.

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