Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sound Treatment

A boy is just doing his homework on another average day.

As he's finishing up his last problem for math, he hears a sound downstairs.

He puts his homework down and he gets up to see what happened.

As he comes down the stairs, he sees something move in the shadows.

Before he gets caught up with terror, he walks towards the scene, only to find nothing there.

As he opens the door to the kitchen, he sees a figure in the distance.

The figure begins walking towards the boy, and the boy jolts back upstairs.

When he looks back to find nothing there, he looks forward and sees the figure right in front of him.

He then jolts downstairs and hides in the garage.

As he begins panicking and sees nothing after him. he hears the door open.

He sees the figure walk towards the middle of the garage.

As the boy wipes his face and looks back, the figure is gone.

When the boy sighs with relief, he feels a presence behind him.

He looks back, and see's the figure there....

In the opening shot of the film, it'll show the boy in his room doing his homework. In the background, there will be a storm sound effect used. As the boy comes downstairs and sees the creature and runs away, rhythmic match will be used. When it comes to the suspenseful part when the boy is hiding and the creature is after him,  scary music will be incorporated into it.


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  2. 1)what is the INTENT of the scene? (what is the scene used for dramatically)
    -The scene shows dramatic rising action.

    1) what are the PLOT POINTS? (points that move the story forward)
    - The plot points in the story are when the story line can change dramatically. When the main character realizes what is inside their house and they begin to freak out.

    2) What are the PLOT POINTS? (points that move the story forward)
    The beginning is one of the biggest plot points where he goes downstairs to discover what is making this noise. The next plot point is when he is being chased by this figure that he found in his house. The last plot point in when the figure gets him at the end.

    3. What is the CLIMAX of each scene? (what is the turning point)
    The climax of the film is when he finds the figure in his house and runs down the stairs to hide. This creates tension within the audience.

    4) What is the RESOLUTION? (how is the theme resolved)
    The resolution is when the creature catches the main character in the end.

    5) What is the CONCLUSION? (how does the scene end)
    The resolution is when the creature catches the main character in the end.

    6) What are the important LINES OF DIALOGUE? (contain story points)
    The important lines of dialogue
    are when the main character sees this figure in his house and runs away, and everywhere he goes he sees the figure following him.

    7) Which character CONTROLS the scene? (who pushes the story forward)
    I think that the figure pushes the story forward. He is the one that makes the main character move throughout the house and advance the story.

    8) What suggestions do you have to improve the narrative?
    I think that it could use a more complex ending that shows us what happens to the main character.